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As hypothesized, men perceived female targets as behaving more sexually than did women, especially men high in rape myth acceptance.Male and female targets' alcohol consumption interacted, such that when both individuals were drinking alcohol they were perceived as being most sexual and their drinking was viewed as most appropriate. "Sexual assault perpetration by college men: The role of alcohol, misperception of sexual intent, and sexual beliefs and experiences." Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 17(2): 167-195.The rape myth acceptance and alcohol findings are discussed in terms of their implications for sexual assault and substance abuse prevention programming. Provides empirical support for a theoretical model previously developed by A.Abbey and colleagues (Abbey, 1991; Abbey et al, 1996) to explain 1 set of pathways through which alcohol and sexual assault are linked.Suggestions are made for combining alcohol and sexual assault prevention programming. Prevention efforts must be aimed at reducing college alcohol related harm due to alcohol consumption.These prevention efforts will be generated by current research.The research questions in the study focused on the responses given by undergraduate college students as a general population by gender.

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Multiple regression and path analysis did not support the hypothesized nature of the relationships among the variables. This quantitative descriptive study collected data regarding the alcohol awareness of 18-21 year old college students through use of a 14 item alcohol awareness survey.

Seven explanations for the relationship between alcohol consumption and acquaintance rape are provided: three of these explanations focus on alcohol consumption by the perpetrator and four focus on alcohol consumption by the victim. "Alcohol-related sexual assault: A common problem among college students." Journal of Studies on Alcohol Suppl14: 118-128.

The need to conduct studies and develop prevention programs that address these issues is discussed. This article summarizes research on the role of alcohol in college students' sexual assault experiences.

Sexual assault is extremely common among college students.

At least half of these sexual assaults involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrator, the victim or both.Almost 50% of the students agreed that drinking contributed to sexual assault; approximately 68% agreed that drinking affected judgments while driving and 50% indicated that drinking contributed to injury and death.

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