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The good news is, your powers of observation can really work for you here; note something (not too personal) about the person and use that to start a conversation.

How to keep the conversation going: Try to get past chit-chat to at least semi-substantive conversation quickly. Introverts have a lot of opinions because we spend a lot of time thinking about things, but we often won't volunteer them without encouragement. " Then, get an email address as well as a phone number.

I'd like to be given the chance, but with what you said, it's almost embarrassing, like the jig is up, I'm pathetic, desperate, and hopeless, and no one is really interested.

I don't want to be that lonesome loser sitting by myself in those quaint public locations for the rest of my life, I'll be a sitting duck of an example of real and true failure in life and love.

As a guy, I'm always open to conversation from interesting women. I really want to talk, but I'm shy and insecure." Really, women hold the cards here. That guy sitting on the couch in the coffee shop, reading his book or browsing on his laptop, furtively looking around the room every few minutes is LOOKING for someone to talk to. I don't know..of the time when I'm sitting in a public place and looking around, it's because I'm people-watching (something I love to do) and not because I'm hoping someone will approach me.

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Is he or she looking up and around or absorbed in a book? Introverts usually are glad to be drawn into conversation. All it takes is a look, a question, and then some space to let the introvert join in.

Don't hate women for it, blame our dads who was THAT guy towards our mom.

Lots of us have that guy (the guy who isn't a source of comfort and partnership to our mothers but instead a source behind creating home life that feels like a second full time job waiting for her when she gets off from her paying full time job) as our dad.

Male the provider, female reciver of the gifts or whatever.

No matter how mach people are talking of equality of genders it is just not happening at that level yet. I'm just replying because I'm noticing many men are wondering why a woman just won't make the first move, even when she KNOWS the man she's interested in is interested in her.

That's because you're a woman, see my main reply somewhere.

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