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We'll use NLTK's support for conditional frequency distributions.These are presented systematically in 2, where we also unpick the following code line by line.Don't worry if you see an example that contains something unfamiliar; simply try it out and see what it does, and — if you're game — modify it by substituting some part of the code with a different text or word.This way you will associate a task with a programming idiom, and learn the hows and whys later.The graph in fig-inaugural used "word offset" as one of the axes; this is the numerical index of the word in the corpus, counting from the first word of the first address.However, the corpus is actually a collection of 55 texts, one for each presidential address.

We can ask for the topics covered by one or more documents, or for the documents included in one or more categories.

Observe that average word length appears to be a general property of English, since it has a recurrent value of variable counts space characters.) By contrast average sentence length and lexical diversity appear to be characteristics of particular authors.

The previous example also showed how we can access the "raw" text of the book Although Project Gutenberg contains thousands of books, it represents established literature.

The filename contains the date, chatroom, and number of posts; e.g., The Brown Corpus was the first million-word electronic corpus of English, created in 1961 at Brown University.

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This corpus contains text from 500 sources, and the sources have been categorized by genre, such as Next, we need to obtain counts for each genre of interest.An interesting property of this collection is its time dimension: Many text corpora contain linguistic annotations, representing POS tags, named entities, syntactic structures, semantic roles, and so forth.

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