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Low battery consumption and memory usage are important, so we managed to keep it simple, yet powerful. Make a quick search or explore all the unknown Moldova sounds!Impress girls with live music, giving a romantic music; get informed about your artist´s new hits, and emerging Moldova bands. Access Online Radio Emisoras, Take Rhythm & Banda Everywhere! List of some of the main stations you´ll find, no other app has such a wide selection: Radio Noroc FM 99.7 Radio Micul Samaritean Fresh Fm Moldova 103.9 Radio 7 101.5 FM Radio Record 106.3 FM Radio Albena 97.5 FM Radio Plai 98.2 FM Aquarelle FM 90.7 Discovery FM 96.2 Jurnal FM 100.1 Kiss FM Chisinau 100.9 LSM Radio Moldova 104.2 FM Megapolis FM 88.6 Jurnal FM 98.7 Radio Record 106.3 Hit FM 89.6 Pro FM 106.9 Radio Moldova 873 FM Radio Stil 87.6 FM Radio Plai 104.7 FM XHT 101.7 FM Russkoe Radio 103.7 FM Hit FM 101.7 and many more!Live recording and transmissions without interruptions. You´ll see the information displayed by song title, artist, and even the track lyrics.The biggest selection of Radio Stations, all of them sorted by name, location, music genre or type.Hear your famous Moldova shows again, relevant news and the new releases or top charts as if you were in Chile.Browse through our wide selection of over a lot of radio available, including many local or estatales radiodifusoras.You can share with others via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email.You can listen to all the stations in high quality even with low speed Internet connection. Available radio stations: Jurnal FM Kiss FM Chisinau Mastero FM Moldova Radio Muz FM Pro FM Chisinau Radio 21 Moldova Radio 7 Radio Alla Radio Moldova Muzical Restro FM Russkoe Radio Moldova OM Raio Radio Logos Online Radio Vovea Basarabiei Live Radio Albena Nik FM Radio Micul Samaritean Radio Naroc Radio Plai Radio Sport Radio Still Megapolis FM Radio Moldova Tineret Radio DOR Aqarella FM Discovery FM Fresh FM Hit FM Radio ZUM It's a simple and very easy to use app where you get the latest Gujarat news.

Create your lists and keep track of the stations listened in the recent menu. If you still carry your amor por Chile, or you are feeling homesick while being away; we have the best deal for you!