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Interestingly, Malhi discusses the many challenges and accommodations he’s made since coming to the New Zealand, including cutting his kes and dari when he first arrived.I found this move towards practice really interesting; Malhi mentioned that he wanted to make this possible out of respect for his dying father’s wishes. On one hand, I think it’s admirable and important for there to be the option and existence of visible Sikh officers in New Zealand’s police force.Tavarikh – The Revolution: Having concentrated on the written form of our Guru’s message (Bani) last week, this week in session three, “Tavarikh – The Revolution”, we will turn our focus on to how our Gurus exemplified The Message.We will walk through the lives of Guru Nanak Sahib through Guru Gobind Singh Sahib and try to understand them through a social, political, economic and spiritual framework.The greatness of a religion is when harmonious balance between Ultimate reality and visible form is exemplified thru the aforesaid facets.We concluded with Puran Singh’s rendering on the Guru’s vision, “It sweetens you and your sweetness sweetens all life around.He grew his beard for three weeks before the filming for an authentic bearded Sikh look.Sikh Theology – A Gurmat Framework: The first session comprised of introducing an approach to Sikhi and recognizing how Guru Nanak Sahib revolutionarily delivered a message of Oneness through illustrating a direct connection between ideas and practice.

He was injured and was helped by a young Sikh who brought him to the hospital on his scooter and later called us to inform that my son was injured.At your sight, the lamb and the tiger must drink at the same pool.”Bani – The Message: In session two, we continued to build on our understanding of the Guru’s message; We engaged in actively learning about the scriptural canon, the Guru Granth Sahib.In covering topics as the compilation, contributors, structure, language and content of Guru Granth Sahib, we tackled questions such as, “How do we know Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru? ”; thus, facilitating and inspiring us to continue to build our personal relationship with Guru Granth Sahib.We will cover a range of issues, from touching on the ramifications of negating the need of a Divine intermediary, to the economic center created by the Guru Sahibs, to the activism of both social and political kind. Pashaura Singh, Professor at University of California, Riverside, was recently appointed to its Dr.

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In surveying the inspiring history of our Gurus, we hope to remind ourselves of how relevant, active and exemplary the revolution of Sikh? Jasbir Singh Saini Chair in Sikh and Punjabi Language Studies. There have been several incidents since his inception to the Chair where members of the Sikh community have challenged his appointment because of Dr. Sikhs believe the scriptures were revealed to a series of gurus…those revelations in the form of 6,000 hymns were compiled in 1604 by the fifth guru, Guru Arjan, and became the holy scriptures.

“If this is true, then the revealed word of God is not the revealed word,” said Dr.