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17-Aug-2017 11:26

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does 2nd base mean dating

"From what we can see, it looks like the frequency is about the same" on the two fault zones, Hylland told Our Amazing Planet."What it really comes down to is 'how active is the Salt Lake City segment? "That's the real driver of the hazard for Salt Lake Valley." The separate faults likely merge into a single fault deep beneath the valley, Hylland said.Danish scientists found the ancient creature — which is believed to be 512 years old and is 18ft long.The shark is the world's oldest vertebrate – an animal with a backbone – and may have been born in 1505, when King Henry VIII was just 14 years old.

Becky Oskin covers Earth science, climate change and space, as well as general science topics.Radiocarbon and optical luminescence dating ties the broken ground to earthquake records in trenches along the Salt Lake City section of the Wasatch Fault.More complete sediment records exist for the Salt Lake City section of the Wasatch Fault, with nine prehistoric temblors found, Hylland said.Archaeologists can determine the age of such organic material using radiocarbon dating. It's possible that the original structure might be much older than the hearth. The meaning behind the mound's shape is also still unclear.

A sample of burned material from the hearth showed that the last fire was lit sometime between A. The nearby archaeological site at San Isidro was active during the Late Formative period (900 B. Benfer noted that there are no volcanoes around El Volcán that would have served as models for its construction, if it was indeed meant to look like a volcano, and no other structures like it have been found in Peru.

In Salt Lake City, planners are also concerned about the risk of flooding from waves in the Great Salt Lake and landslides in mountain canyons during a major earthquake.

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