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Stars: Robert Llewellyn, Ben Highmore, Gia Milinovich, Tom Wrigglesworth Three families live for a week at a time in three adjoining houses on Albert Road, Morecambe over 5 episodes.

First episode has them living as Edwardians with servants in 1900s. See full summary » Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Joe Crowley, Susanna Reid, Juliet Gardiner In this historical documentary series, archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn and domestic historian Ruth Goodman team up to re-create a working Edwardian farm. See full summary » Stars: Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, Rupert Acton Life in a 19th-century pharmacy is re-created in this four-part documentary.

For three months, these people have only the rulebook and each other...

Stars: Tristan Aldrich, Avril Anson, Ellen Beard, Charlie Clay In 1768, Captain James Cook and the crew of Endeavour set out from England to Tahiti and Australia.

Stars: Jonathan Browne, Keith Ducklin, Neil Hinchliffe, John Waller A "reality" tv series where five men and five women spend 9 weeks at a country house, Kentchurch, living as if they were in 1811 England. As the lady of a plush manor in Germany 1927, she entertains her guests who visit for a summer in the country. See full summary » Star: Susanne Vogel Two 21st Century families from Britain and Ireland are sent to see how they would cope had they been transported to New South Wales 200 years ago when it was a penal colony. See full summary » Stars: John Maynard, Michael Mc Kernan, Jack Thompson Outback house follows the incredible journey of a small group of intrepid Australians.

who, travel back in time almost 150 years to live on a remote, 10,000 acre sheep station. See full summary » Star: Paul Allcorn Twelve modern kids are taken and put in a house where they live like they're in the 1970s.

The documentary follows the exact replica of Endeavour and its 21st-century voluntary ... Grant, Chris Gorell Barnes, Lisa Braund, Hayley Conick Quest for the Sea is a 4x1-hour living history documentary series that follows 2 families as they return to a lost way of life in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland. See full summary » Stars: Anny Murray, Monte Murray, Harold St.

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Stars: Jane De Ville-Almond, Elizabeth Devonport, Hugh Edgar, Candice Edwards-Marchrones A family undergoes an experiment to experience life from 1970-1999 over a 30-day period, in order to explore how the technological advancements have changed life in Britain over the three decades.Stars: Robby Cabezuela, Bill Cooke, Hannah Cooke, Lacey Cooke A group of historians and archaeologists prepare a Tudor feast as it would have been over 400 years ago, including the use of period clothes, recipes from the era, food sourced from the land and the absence of modern conveniences.