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Sensitivity = Detection Rate = 990/1,000 = 99% Specificity refers to the proportion of all individuals without a condition who are correctly identified as “negative” by a screening test.If 99,000 out of 100,000 unaffected individuals do not have a condition and 98,000 test “negative”, the test’s specificity is 99%.Neither NSGC nor the Foundation guarantees, or take any responsibility whatsoever for, the accuracy of the results generated by the Calculator.In consideration of your use of the Calculator, you covenant not to sue, and further waive, release and discharge, NSGC, the Foundation, and any person and/or organization associated with the Calculator from any and all claims to liability for death, personal injury, or property damage of any kind or nature, whatsoever arising out of, or in the course of, your use of the Calculator.The Calculator should not be used to provide risk assessment independent of clinical correlation/context and is not intended to replace a health care professional’s best medical judgment based on the clinical circumstances.

The Calculator uses statistical calculations based on the information provided by the user to determine the predictive values of NIPT/Cell Free DNA Screening utilizing prevalence information based on mateage and population study.The calculator utilizes the incidence of trisomy chromosome conditions screened for by maternal age at 16 weeks gestational age.For some conditions, such as 45, X and the microdeletion conditions, the incidence does not vary significantly with maternal age.Users should be aware that other factors such as ultrasound findings or the results of biochemical aneuploidy screening may affect the estimated prior risk for a chromosome condition for an individual patient and this should be considered when using this calculator. Sensitivity refers to the detection rate - the proportion of all individuals with a condition who are correctly identified as “positive” by a screening test.

If 1,000 tested individuals have a given condition and 990 of them test “positive“ for that condition, the test’s sensitivity is 99%.

In this example, 1% of women receiving a negative result will have an affected pregnancy (false negative result).